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JetIink AI is a complete, enterprise-grade conversational AI platform for your business. Build, train, and host your chatbots in one platform. 
"We use Jetlink to maintain messaging based customer communication through different channels and the A.I. that they provide replies 60 % of all common customer inquiries 24/7. This gives an extra time for our human agents to focus on complex issues. We see Jetlink as value adding partner for our strategic goals."

Barış Erdim, Marketing Director at Toyota Turkey


Natural Language Understanding

Provide us with examples of what a user might say when interacting with your business. We analyze and understand the user's intent to respond in most convenient way by using our state-of-art natural language understanding algorithm.

Conversational AI Builder

Building a bot with JetlinkAI is easy as drawing a flowchart. JetlinkAI takes the guesswork out of building bots with an easy to use, comprehensive and drag & drop interface. Within minutes, you can build a robust chatbot and connect it with messaging channels.

Machine Learning Powered Training

Training tool enables you to analyze conversation logs with your chatbot and add different phrases to relevant intents. Thus, you can improve intent recognation accuracy and overall chatbot performance.


How it works


Building a bot with JetlinkAI is easy as drawing a flowchart. JetlinkAI takes the guesswork out of building bots with an easy to use, comprehensive and drag & drop interface. Within minutes, you can build a robust chatbot.

Deploy & Monitor

Easily deploy your chatbot on your website by using customizable web messenger and also at various messaging apps with one-click integrations. Understand how users interact with your bot with comprehensive reporting and gain insights.

ML Powered Training

Chatbots are becoming part of your business and continous improvement is essential to meet, even exceed your business goals. JetlinkAI provides you the machine learning powered training module to train and iterate your chatbot. Improving AI response effectiveness is easy now.

Machine Learning & Jetlink NLU

Language is complex and no two people say the same thing the exact same way. Jetlink NLU breaks natural language down to the essentials. Jetlink builds enterprise bots that learn from everything, just like a human does. JetlinkAI uses machine intelligence to analyze your chat logs, so your enterprise chatbot can work more efficiently.


Enterprise-grade, AI powered, end-to-end chatbot platform for all your business needs.

  • Unlimited number of intents

  • Unlimited number of bots

  • Chat widget to add bot on your website

  • Omnichannel

  • iOS & Android SDKs to add bot on mobile

  • Live chat functionality

  • Smart campaigns on web messenger

  • Facebook message broadcast service

  • Human takeover scenarios

  • Machine learning based training

  • Advanced NLP algorithm

  • Context management at the framework level

  • Unlimited conversations

  • Conversation design & consultancy

  • Chatbot development service

  • Custom integrations

  • On-going chatbot training service

  • Personal on-boarding

  • KPI reporting

  • Monthly analytics

  • Yearly PO & invoicing

  • Enterprise-Grade security and compliance

  • Onpremise

Burger King

"The chatbot application, which has a great importance for brands, is among the essentials of businesses in today's conditions. Our business partner, Jetlink is making our day-to-day operations easier by providing effective communication between the customer representative and the user."

Burak Akin -
Technology Director

Trusted By Customer-Driven Companies 


Use cases

Customer service
Give better, instant support to your customers across channels
Conversational Commerce
Assist your customers on their sales journey, get orders and make transactions
Internal Help Desk
Use the HR bot to reply repeating employee questions, increase efficiency and satisfaction
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