Dialog builder to Create Rich and Engaging Conversational Experience

Build complex, Human-like Conversations with

Jetlink's Dialog Builder

Jetlink's Dialog Builder enables businesses as well as developers to build context aware, complex, enterprise grade conversational flows without writing code.

Visual Modeling

Model user-bot conversations with intuitive drag-and-drop tool that supports rich set of nodes

Custom Logic

Developers can override default behaviour by writing custom javascript in message nodes, confirmation nodes, entity prompts, error prompts and in chit chat etc. Bot level reusable Javascript libraries can be leveraged.

Conditional Flows

Supports conditional branching of conversation based on user profile and demographics, sentiment, conversation context and business rules

Rich Messaging

Automatically renders the messages matching the templates supported by 30+ Channels. Business Analyst/Developer has option to customize channel specific messages.

API Orchestration

Dialog builder allows the developers to use built-in service nodes as part of the conversation flow to interact with the backend systems by customizing the Service URL, authentication mechanism, headers, payload, invocation type (synchronous or asynchronous) etc. 

Sub-intents and Linked dialogs

Conversational flows can be built to invoke sub-intents and/or other conversation flows using the Dialog Builder. Context data can be exchanged between these flows, based on the developer defined configuration in the Dialog Builder.

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