Advanced Training Leads to Smarter Bots

Access comprehensive training tools and processes to improve the learnability, usability, and performance of your bots.

To ensure your bot can understand what people are saying – and respond with the most relevant task – it’s important that you provide sufficient training data and test the bot with a variety of user inputs.

Training with Machine Learning

Developers can train the ML engine by providing sample utterances for each intent (task) the bot needs to be able to identify. The engine will build a model that maps a user utterance to one of the bot intents.

Automate Bot Testing

Batch testing helps you discern the ability of your bot to correctly recognize the expected intents for a given set of utterances and helps validate that a bot will continue to work as expected after making changes, such as to ML utterances, patterns, or synonyms. Our platform allows you to execute a series of tests to get a detailed statistical analysis and gauge the effectiveness of your bot’s training.


Auto Train allows a bot to do unsupervised learning. When enabling a bot will improve the intent detection by automatically adding the successfully executed utterances into its machine learning training set. Additions can always be reviewed by a bot developer.

Analyzing Bot’s Performance

Gain in-depth insight into your bot’s performance in identifying and executing the tasks View information about user utterances that matched and those that didn’t match with intents View chat transcripts to the point of the user utterance. Ability to train the bot for the failed intent from the same dashboard

NLP diagnostics

Our platform exposes comprehensive details about the NLP decisions, allowing developers to easily understand the flow.

Talk directly to your bots

Developers and Trainers can talk to the bot immediately. This allows them to quickly examine, find and fix issues and adjust the training.

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