We build intelligent bots for smart enterprises within the help of powerful JetlinkAI engine

Personal training.
Personal implementation.
Personal service.

JetlinkAI Enterprise gives you the best of JetlinkAI, dedicated

to larger teams who require custom development, personalised

implementation, training and improvement.

Chatbot Services Crafted for Enterprise Needs

Consulting and Advisory Services

Work closely with your account manager to define KPIs, analyze your needs and design chatbot conversation to deliver a great user experience. We'll help you to refine your strategy perfectly. As part of our consulting and advisory services, we assist and guide our enterprise clients how to incorporate chatbots as part of an overall digital strategy.

Development Service

We make the actual development of your AI powered chatbot based on the analysis of your business requirements and deliver you the best quality, robust solution on time. As part of the development and implementation services, we help you design architecture for conversational applications. Our team also helps you in the design and development of chatbots using Jetlink Platform

Managed Services

We analyze conversation logs, train different phrases to relevant intents and create new intents continously. Thus, we improve intent recognation accuracy, customer experience and overall chatbot performanceOur managed services include ongoing maintenance,, QA, analytics and dashboard-based reporting for management of the chatbot infrastructure

Our range of professional services enables enterprises to harness the true potential of conversational AI to deliver personalized human-like user experiences across multiple channels and applications while ensuring low total cost of ownership, reliability and faster time to market.

Machine Learning & Jetlink NLU

Language is complex and no two people say the same thing the exact same way. Jetlink NLU breaks natural language down to the essentials. Jetlink builds enterprise bots that learn from everything, just like a human does. JetlinkAI uses machine intelligence to analyze your chat logs, so your enterprise chatbot can work more efficiently.

We help you to build, improve and achieve

What you get?


  • Unlimited conversations

  • Conversation design & consultancy

  • Chatbot development service

  • Custom integrations

  • On-going chatbot training service

  • Personal on-boarding

  • KPI reporting

  • Analytics

  • Yearly PO & invoicing

  • On-site installation

  • High NLP performance

  • ML powered training module

  • Unlimited number of intents

  • Unlimited number of bots

  • Live chat functionality

  • Smart campaigns on web messenger

  • Human takeover scenarios

  • Advanced security standards

  • HIPAA, PCI compliance

  • Continued support during the Go Live phase

Our End-to-End Approach

Project Preparation

Determine business objectives, requirement analysis, project scope, team member roles & responsibilities, organizational readiness, high-level use case definitions.

Solution Design

Design Phase has a series of Customer meetings: Project Kick-Off – with the larger team to communicate project goals, methodology, project scope & timeline. Define Requirements for High Priority Use Cases – Define details of chatbot is expected to Perform, Acceptance Criterias, Data Entities, Dependencies, Assumptions, Limitation and Timeline

Solution Build

The team develops chatbot intents, and create backend application integrations & authorizations in bot tasks. They perform  testing of chatbot intents and integration testing of overall chatbot conversation and multi-task run. The NLP & ML experts continuously train and test the BOT for conversational AI readiness.

Solution Finalization

The team Plans and performs Key User Training and Execute UAT Cycle The development team provides fixes to the bugs reported in an expeditious way thus continually supporting the user’s doing the UAT. Once the UAT is completed, the exit criteria are met and the client provides the sign-off and the Go ahead, the Bot is released into the production environment

Go Live & Support

Jetlink provides continued support during the Go Live phase to resolve new service requests and maintain high intent accuracy recognition.

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